1. Critical Competencies for Volunteer Managers Series (4 Self-Paced DLs)

Critical Competencies for Volunteer Managers Series (4 Self-Paced DLs)

Critical Competencies for Volunteer Managers Series (4 Self-Paced DLs)
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Duration: 4 DLs, approximately 60 minutes and can be distributed to individual supervisors so that they can train on their own time.
Presenter(s): Lynn Ivey, nonprofit management consultant
Price: $895 for the 4 Volunteer Manager training downloads covering the areas of: 10 Key Focus Areas; Recruitment, Retention, Roles and Responsibilities; Managing and Reducing Risk; Evaluating Programming
Who Should Attend? Volunteer managers, executive directors, program managers

Nonprofit organizations rely heavily on volunteers to carry out the many tasks necessary to keep their programs running and to provide vital services and activities. But having a great volunteer program doesn’t just happen; it requires careful planning, skilled coordination, and exceptional people skills. In order to ensure that new and experienced volunteer managers are equipped to work cooperatively towards your mission, they require training. But time is limited, and with so much mission-oriented work to accomplish, it can fall through the cracks. Without adequate training, however, you are potentially wasting a valuable resource – a prepared, well-versed volunteer manager.

The Critical Competencies for Volunteer Managers Series is the hands-on training tool you need to ensure that your volunteers are adequately managed and utilized to their greatest potential.

This essential training series thoroughly examines the major duties, expectations, roles and responsibilities of the volunteer manager. Topics include:

  • 10 key focus areas to ensure volunteer program success.
  • Balancing recruitment, retention, roles, responsibilities and resources.
  • Understanding, managing and reducing risk.
  • Valuing, assessing and benchmarking volunteer programs.

With this convenient program, volunteer managers will receive the training they require on their own time, saving valuable hours for the actual work you want to accomplish!


The training series includes four separate DLs that can be distributed to volunteer managers for independent use. The areas we cover include:

  1. Critical Competencies for Volunteer Managers: 10 Key Focus Areas to Ensure Volunteer Program Success
  2. This session explores critical aspects for building a successful volunteer program that not only meets the nonprofit’s needs, but also honors volunteer needs and motivations, including:

    • 10 key areas requiring careful planning and strategic implementation
    • The importance of volunteers in achieving the organization’s mission
    • Building organizational capacity through effective volunteer management
    • Meeting the needs of the organization and the volunteers

  3. Critical Competencies for Volunteer Managers: Balancing Recruitment, Retention, Roles, Responsibilities & Resources
  4. This session covers ways to manage the challenges and benefits associated with volunteerism while building personal and organizational competency, including:

    • Effective recruitment strategies for building an outstanding talent pool
    • The importance of focused retention strategies for maintaining an effective volunteer workforce
    • Managing competing and changing expectations
    • Maintaining your professional composure when under pressure

  5. Critical Competencies for Volunteer Managers: Understanding, Managing & Reducing Risk
  6. This session reviews ways to incorporate risk management strategies into your daily activities in order to ensure a safer environment for everyone involved with your volunteer program, including:

    • The importance of assessing and understanding risk associated with volunteer activities
    • Safeguarding the clients, volunteers, staff and the organization
    • Identifying the organization’s risk threshold
    • Reducing risk by aligning the right volunteer to the right position and providing the right training and supervision

  7. Critical Competencies for Volunteer Managers: Valuing, Assessing & Benchmarking Volunteer Programs
  8. This session examines methods for volunteer managers to explain how they are safeguarding their very precious volunteer resources, ensuring positive returns on investment, and managing the volunteer program in a highly effective way including:

    • Designing an effective system for measuring performance
    • The difference between inputs, outputs, outcomes and impacts – and why they all matter
    • Communicating the value of volunteer contributions
    • The importance of good stewardship of volunteer time, commitment, talents and skills


Lynn Ivey is a consultant to nonprofit organizations. Her nonprofit experience spans more than 20 years and includes prior nonprofit positions with healthcare, education, and family support/intervention programs. Her roles have been diverse including that of the administrator of one of South Carolina’s largest nonprofit hospice programs. In addition she has held a variety of other nonprofit positions including: director and coordinator of volunteer programs, personnel manager, social worker, and preschool director. Ms. Ivey holds licenses as a social worker and long-term care administrator. Because of her wealth of first-hand experience both in senior nonprofit executive and volunteer positions, Ms. Ivey is a sought-after speaker and has presented at many national and state conferences and regional meetings. She has also served as a clinical instructor and staff trainer, and has a wealth of experience as a volunteer. Her volunteer experiences include: women’s shelters, a theater company, U.S. Navy Family Service Center, and scouting. Most recently she has held volunteer positions serving on the National Council of Hospice and Palliative Professionals CEO Steering Committee, South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control Cancer Control Advisory Committee, South Carolina Association of Residential Care Homes Board of Directors, to mention only a few.

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