1. Establishing Effective School-based Volunteer Programs: Opportunities and Challenges You Haven’t Considered

Establishing Effective School-based Volunteer Programs: Opportunities and Challenges You Haven’t Considered

Establishing Effective School-based Volunteer Programs: Opportunities and Challenges You Haven’t Considered
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Duration: 90 minutes including question and answer session.
Presenter(s): Lynn Ivey, nonprofit consultant
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Who Should Attend? Chief executives, directors, board leadership, board members, nonprofit counsel, senior management, managers, supervisors, volunteer managers, quality assurance staff, and marketing and community outreach staff

Schools that embrace volunteers – parents, grandparents, retired teachers, older students, businesses and community members – reap a wide range of benefits. On the same token, schools are excellent locations for independent nonprofit organizations to establish programs and further their missions too. However, as much as school staff might not be used to working with outsiders, a nonprofit program director might not fully understand the challenges of setting up shop in a school – challenges that while manageable, cannot be overlooked. For example, school-based programs must accommodate class schedules, vacation breaks, security procedures, background checks and more. When these issues are addressed, school-based programming has proven to have a tremendous positive impact.

Whether a school is working with an external organization, creating a program itself, or a nonprofit is looking to launch a new initiative, school-based programs and their volunteers contribute in countless ways, enriching children’s learning, supporting teachers, adding extracurricular programs, and strengthening school-community connections. Students thrive with extra attention and opportunities, and nonprofits are able to operate in new and creative ways. For schools, this easily translates into better test scores, improved literacy rates, and increased attendance. For nonprofits, it means better programming, greater impact, and one more step towards fulfilling your mission.

Please join Lynn Ivey as she shares strategies for building an effective school-based volunteer program with committed partners who can transform your “wish we could” list into your “look what we accomplished” list. You will find ways to unlock the power of volunteerism with a well-structured recruitment, training and support system that supports a wide range of volunteer options. We will also discuss the particular issues that must be addressed when working with youth in a school environment.


Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • Benefits for engaging volunteers and building partnerships
  • Identifying goals that matter and ways volunteers can help
  • A range of meaningful opportunities, both in and out of the classroom
  • Effective recruitment strategies for specific events, everyday tasks, and curriculum enhancing projects
  • Methods for translating interest, resources, knowledge and skills into practical and valued jobs that help students achieve more
  • Principles and practices that ensure your volunteer workforce understands the best ways to help and how their contributions impact student success
  • Policies and Procedures to create an effective volunteer infrastructure
  • Examples, recommendations and best practices for creating value, recognizing success and building opportunities to give back
  • School-based program ideas for nonprofits
  • How to convince your administration to embrace volunteers and new programming
  • How to convince a school to partner up with you
  • Considerations when working in a school environment

YOUR CONFERENCE LEADER Your conference leader for “Establishing Effective School-Based Volunteer Programs: Opportunities and Challenges You Haven’t Considered” is Lynn Ivey. Lynn is a consultant, trainer, and speaker for nonprofits throughout the US. Her nonprofit experience spans more than 20 years and includes senior executive and leadership positions with healthcare, education, and family support/intervention programs. Her roles have been diverse including: administrator of one of South Carolina’s largest nonprofit hospice programs, director and coordinator of volunteer programs, personnel manager, social worker, staff trainer, clinical instructor, and preschool director. Lynn is a licensed social worker and long-term care administrator with a passion for building stronger communities. Because of her wealth of first-hand experience, both in senior nonprofit executive and volunteer positions, she is a sought-after speaker and has presented at national, state and regional events and conferences. In addition to her professional work, she also has a wealth of volunteer experience including: women’s shelters, a theater company, U.S. Navy Family Service Center, and scouting. Lynn has also held volunteer positions serving on the National Council of Hospice and Palliative Professionals CEO Steering Committee, South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control Cancer Control Advisory Committee, and the South Carolina Association of Residential Care Homes Board of Directors, to mention only a few.

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