1. How to Be an Influential Nonprofit Leader
Mental Health Issues Among Nonprofit Staff
Mental Health Issues Among Nonprofit Staff

How to Be an Influential Nonprofit Leader

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Duration: 65 Minutes
Presenter: Claudia Virga
Credits: Certificate of Attendance

How to Be an Influential Nonprofit Leader

As a nonprofit leader, you’re on a mission. You’ve got big goals that will make a big difference! So why does it feel like a struggle to get your message across? Your challenge might seem unique and overwhelming: you have to communicate with, influence and inspire your team, partners, donors, volunteers, and members. You spend hours and days creating presentations, press releases, letters, and making calls. Yet despite your best efforts, it feels like your messages are getting lost, overlooked, or even misunderstood. To really connect, you have to speak to others in their language and their style.

The key to that puzzle is the CHAT Communication System where you’ll learn how to maximize your communication, your marketing, and your presentations by leveraging all four distinct communication styles.

Please join Claudia-Jean Virga to learn the CHAT Communication System®, a proven method to see improved collaboration and increased productivity. She will help you: increase your communication reach and impact by at least 25%, yielding more connections, donations, volunteers, clients, and members; experience a higher return on your investment of time, money, and resources and be more effective and efficient in your messaging; and deliver better results to the organization when you lead and inspire your team to work more efficiently and be advocates of change.


Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • GET THEIR ATTENTION AND KEEP IT by prioritizing and organizing your content to suit each recipient’s style – even when you are communicating with diverse audiences.
  • READ THE ROOM AND OWN IT as you quickly assess the communication styles of your team members, partners, donors, volunteers, and members.
  • BE THE LEADER THEY LOOK TO for facilitation because you know how to encourage more effective, authentic, and productive conversations that respect everyone.
  • MEDIATE AND RESOLVE CONFLICT when you are able to clearly see what each person needs to hear and how they need to hear it.
  • CREATE A COLLABORATIVE ENVIRONMENT where everyone is doing their best work by using the CHAT Communication System®.

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