1. Intellectual Property (IP) Self-Audit

Intellectual Property (IP) Self-Audit

Event ID: 2192639
Duration: 90 Minutes
Presenter: Kathleen E. Dion, Partner, Robinson & Cole LLP, Hartford, Connecticut
Credits: Certificate of Attendance

Intellectual Property (IP) Self-Audit

Your agency's intellectual property (IP) is one of its most important assets, which is why it is so crucial to protect it from theft and misuse. This webinar takes you step by step through the process of performing a self-audit of your current IP to understand both what you can legally protect and what is "fair game."

Some of your IP may be on your website, in print or even involve conferences you sponsor. It is essential to understand how to protect each medium, and how copyright, trademark, and fair-use requirements apply to your IP. In this Internet age, it has become increasingly difficult to always know if your IP has been "hijacked," which is why it is so important to regularly monitor and protect it. If you fail to safeguard your IP from misuse, you could be undermining your position with possible donors, volunteers, and ultimately even impacting your ability to effectively perform your mission.

Please join Kate Dion, attorney at law, as she guides you step-by-step through a self-audit of your intellectual property, pointing out actions you can take to protect your logos, brochures, and other communications that appear both on the Internet as well as in print.


Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • Get a practical understanding of what is considered intellectual property.
  • Learn how to organize your IP self-audit. Understand how to categorize your IP. Is it Internet or print? Does it relate to a service you offer? Can it be protected?
  • Review differences between copyrights and licensing. Know what to do if an author of a study or other content wants to transfer copyright to your organization.
  • Discuss the importance of web disclaimers. What should be included; does it matter if no one reads it?
  • How is a trademark different than a copyright? What should you register?
  • Infringement -- how hard must you work to protect your trademarks and copyrights?
  • Fair-use -- when can you claim it?

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