1. Nonprofit Senior Manager Certification Program: Skill Building for Contributing to Organizational Sustainability & Success (Multi-Session)

Nonprofit Senior Manager Certification Program: Skill Building for Contributing to Organizational Sustainability & Success (Multi-Session)

Nonprofit Senior Manager Certification Program: Skill Building for Contributing to Organizational Sustainability & Success (Multi-Session)
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Duration: A total of 12 hours of training, over three days, by live webinar and digital download.
Presenter: Lynn Ivey, nonprofit management consultant
Price: $1495.00 digital downloads. Registration includes: 12 sessions, digital downloads, all course materials and tests.
Who Should Attend? Senior management, nonprofit executives


Please note that this certification program consists of 12 live webinars over 3 days, delivered in a webinar format.

If you are unable to attend any of the live sessions on the days they have been scheduled you may utilize the equivalent digital download(s) for the webinars you are unable to attend. You may begin the program with any of the scheduled live webinars via digital download for any or all sessions. Upon completion of either the live training or DLs you may request a final exam. Upon passing the final exam you will have earned the designation of Certified Nonprofit Senior Manager (CNSM) by NonprofitWebAdvisor, a division of DKG Media, LP. To help demonstrate your professional training, commitment to your organization, and advancement in the nonprofit sector, we will send you a certificate for display.

The cost for the program is $1495. Registration includes all 12 sessions, digital downloads, all course materials and tests. There is a second year continuing education certification requirement which includes attendance at additional webinars or listening to the equivalent digital downloads. Recertification in the third year is required in order to maintain certification and the costs for recertification and testing will be billed separately prior to the start of your third year.

The nonprofit sector is a wonderfully diverse field including human service, environmental, healthcare, education, religious, cultural, and community support programs. Despite this wide range of purposes and complexity, the challenges nonprofits face are very similar: limited resources; increasing demands for services, accountability and transparency; and increased competition for market share and qualified staff. In addition to these complex challenges, nonprofit organizations are operating in an environment with a rapidly growing sector, changing revenue streams, an uncertain political climate, and a growing wave of retiring seasoned leaders and managers.

Successfully navigating and responding to these pressing challenges and evolving dynamics requires nonprofit leaders and managers who are imaginative, agile, knowledgeable, and highly skilled. In addition to having a thorough understanding of their organization’s mission, vision and strategic goals, they must also understand how to assess their results, prioritize opportunities and plan for future challenges. Our nonprofits need and deserve managers and leaders who can leverage their own talents and abilities, while also doing the same for their teams. Creating and sustaining nonprofit organizations for the future requires that we unleash our personal leadership potential while also developing the next generation of leaders.

This certification equips nonprofit senior managers to confidently and effectively lead their teams and actively contribute to their organization’s success. Coursework explores key strategies for building critical-thinking skills that apply to managing nonprofits. The curriculum incorporates a theoretical and practical approach to the areas of building funding diversification, ensuring program sustainability, demonstrating accountability, leveraging program evaluations, developing workforce excellence, and maximizing organizational effectiveness.


The Nonprofit Senior Manager Certification Program consists of 12 webinars designed to provide relevant and timely strategies that can be implemented immediately to enhance leadership and management performance. Based on best practices and emerging trends, the information covered will improve knowledge, skills, efficiency and effectiveness. After completing the 12 courses and passing a competency-based exam, you will earn the designation of Certified Nonprofit Senior Manager (CNSM). A certificate will be mailed to you showing your dedication to quality nonprofit leadership practices and commitment to enhancing your skill base.


The training sessions are clear, concise and comprehensive, with a complete set of quick reference guides and checklists accompanying each session.

Day 1, Sessions 1-4

Maximizing the Organization’s Effectiveness

  • Demonstrating Excellence in Nonprofit Management

    Best practices for demonstrating your understanding and compliance with organizational requirements and stakeholder expectations while avoiding common nonprofit management pitfalls.

  • Understanding Financial Management in Nonprofits

    Essentials for understanding nonprofit financial management processes and procedures from a non-accountant perspective including terminology, budgeting, financial reports, processes, ratios, key responsibilities and roles.


Effective Funding Diversification

  • Utilizing Grant Opportunities to Engage Funders and Deliver Impact

    Strategies for identifying relevant grant sources and writing grant applications that appeal to funders’ needs and demonstrate both quality outcomes and quantified impacts that deliver on your mission.

  • Building Long-term Supporter Connections

    Essential steps to retain current donors and volunteers while building new connections through a system of outstanding supporter-care and impeccable stewardship.


Q&A – 15-20 minutes

DAY 2: Sessions 5-8

Developing the Organization’s Human Resources

  • Successfully Managing Yourself & Leading Your Team

    Important competencies for leading and managing effectively during day-to-day challenges by establishing credibility with your team, inspiring trust and earning respect.

  • Impactful Employee & Volunteer Engagement

    Strategies for successfully engaging your nonprofit’s workforce by offering opportunities that connect with the organization’s purpose, focus on meaningful work, and develop skills to advance the mission and achieve the vision while also honoring individual motivations.


Building the Organization for the Future

  • Leveraging Your Organization’s Stories to Advance Your Cause

    Techniques for building a compelling story bank and using your organization’s stories to inform, inspire and engage your varied audiences to support your mission and efforts.

  • Ensuring Service Resilience with Focused Customer Care and Continuity Planning

    Proven strategies to ensure a customer service oriented focus and that your organization will continue to operate during short-term service interruptions, long-term disasters and leadership transitions.


Q&A – 15-20 minutes

DAY 3: Sessions 9-12

Planning, Performance & Evaluation

  • Integrating Strategic Planning & Thinking

    Methods for developing relevant business or operational plans based on strategic priorities to guide daily decision-making, and focus activities and resources to achieve the best outcomes and impacts.

  • Beyond Measuring to Benchmarking and Improving Operations

    Understand the metrics that matter to your organization’s mission, vision and priorities, and use your results to benchmark your success and improve operations to ensure quality services and high-level customer satisfaction.


Earning & Safeguarding the Public’s Trust

  • Navigating Ethical Challenges in Nonprofit Work

    Important considerations for developing and implementing an operational framework for ethical decision making.

  • Optimizing Opportunities to Demonstrate Accountability &Transparency

    Key practices for maintaining public confidence, trust and support by demonstrating a commitment to ethical practices, efficiency, effectiveness and transparency.


Q&A – 15-20 minutes


Final exam available upon request.

Who Should Register

This certification program is designed for senior level leaders and managers with two years or more of nonprofit management experience who are passionate about what they do and want to be more effective and efficient in their current or future roles.


The Nonprofit Senior Manager Certification Program consists of 12 live session webinars or in either the digital download format, supplemented by study and reference materials. If you are unable to attend all twelve live sessions, or you wish to review sessions that you attended, you may utilize the digital download. After completing the twelve sessions and passing the final certification exam within two months of finishing the course requirements, you will receive your certification from NonprofitWebAdvisor. This will certify that you have successfully completed all of the course requirements, passed the final examination and have been certified by NonprofitWebAdvisor as a Certified Nonprofit Senior Manager (CNSM).

Certification is for a two-year period from the date you pass the final exam. You have the option to recertify upon the conclusion of the two-year period. Recertification in the third year is required in the third year in order to maintain certification. Continuing education is required to recertify. This requirement can be fulfilled by attending additional designated webinars or listening to the equivalent digital downloads. osts for recertification and continuing education will be billed separately.

Nonprofit leaders who complete this program earn the prestigious credential of CNSM, Certified Nonprofit Senior Manager, awarded by NonprofitWebAdvisor, a division of DKG Media.


Your leader for the Nonprofit Senior Manager Certification Program is Lynn G. Ivey, nonprofit consultant, trainer and speaker for nonprofits throughout the U.S. Her nonprofit experience spans more than 20 years and includes senior executive and leadership positions with healthcare, education, and family support/intervention programs. Her roles have been diverse including: administrator of one of South Carolina’s largest nonprofit hospice programs, director and coordinator of volunteer programs, personnel manager, social worker, staff trainer, clinical instructor, and preschool director. Lynn is a licensed social worker and long-term care administrator with a passion for building stronger communities. Because of her wealth of first-hand experience, both in senior nonprofit executive and volunteer positions, she is a sought-after speaker and has presented at national, state and regional events and conferences. In addition to her professional work, she also has a wealth of volunteer experience including: women’s shelters, a theater company, U.S. Navy Family Service Center, and scouting. She has also held volunteer positions serving on the National Council of Hospice and Palliative Professionals CEO Steering Committee, South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control Cancer Control Advisory Committee, and the South Carolina Association of Residential Care Homes Board of Directors, to mention only a few.

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