1. Social Impact Investing: Opportunities and Risks for Nonprofits

Social Impact Investing: Opportunities and Risks for Nonprofits

Event ID: 2192711
Duration: 55 Minutes
Presenter: Janet Rickerhauser
Credits: Certificate of Attendance

Social Impact Investing: Opportunities and Risks for Nonprofits

Impact investing, defined broadly as a nonprofit’s use of its assets to further its mission while also providing a financial return, offers an ever-expanding variety of ways to achieve both impact and financial sustainability. There are many approaches to impact investing, from the relatively passive – such as screening endowment investments to exclude certain industries – to actively investing in a for-profit venture aligned with a nonprofit’s mission. Impact investments may take the form of a simple loan or may involve complex structures such as joint ventures or for-profit subsidiaries. Many of these approaches are familiar and well established, but others – such as nonprofit-owned investment funds that offer returns to private investors – push into new territory and test the line between nonprofit and for-profit activities.

Please join Attorney Janet Rickerhauser as she offers a practical, nuts-and-bolts guide to the main forms of impact investing available to nonprofits today, providing attendees with a concrete framework for evaluating and pursuing impact investing opportunities. For each approach, the webinar highlights the main components of the opportunity, such as the potential advantages to the nonprofit, the type of legal structure involved, and the agreement or other legal documentation required, as well as the legal risks involved.

Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • Socially responsible/mission-related investing, including screening companies and shareholder advocacy
  • Direct MRIs and PRIs (for both private foundations public charities)
  • Joint ventures and for-profit subsidiaries
  • Hybrid models such as L3Cs and benefit corporations
  • Investment vehicles such as targeted donor-advised funds and private investment funds
  • Social impact bonds
  • Prudent investor standards, donor restrictions, and other state law considerations
  • Private benefit, UBIT, and other 501(c)(3) issues
  • IRS and state reporting requirements

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