1. Targeting and Retaining Better, Long-Lasting Donors

Targeting and Retaining Better, Long-Lasting Donors

Targeting and Retaining Better, Long-Lasting Donors
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Duration: 90 minutes including question and answer session.
Presenter(s): Tom Morley, founder and president, Snowflake LLC
Price: $299.00, On-Demand includes full audio presentation, question and answer session and presentation slides.
Who Should Attend? Executive directors, fundraisers, communication directors, development directors, marketers

It is essential for nonprofits to target and retain the best donors. You need people who love what you do, and who will be there to give you financial support not just once, but over and over again. Without consistent, repeat supporters, nonprofits are at the mercy of one-off donors, with their unclear motivations and wavering commitments. And when you call for help, they don’t always answer the phone.

How do you find lifelong benefactors? It’s about finding the right groups, learning about what makes people tick, finding common ground, and giving back when they give to you. Many nonprofits, however, aren’t looking for these types of relationships. They’re looking for anyone with money, casting wide nets and using every method from “traditional” to “trendy” in hopes of hooking enough contributions to sustain themselves for another year. The efforts are significant, results are unpredictable, and the donors you get may not come back. Nonprofits: There’s a better way.

Please join Tom Morley for strategies for building lasting, rewarding relationships with individual supporters that will consistently sustain your nonprofit.


Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • Why “blanketing the donor market” isn’t cost-effective, but targeting is
  • How to get to know prospects and donors on a personal level
  • How to determine who should be your focus, and who to avoid
  • How to guide people’s “journeys” from initial contact to conversion to retention
  • Ways to reach your “target markets” through focused outreach strategies
  • How to measure results and adapt approaches to maximize success


Your conference leader for “Targeting and Retaining Better, Long-Lasting Donors” is Tom Morly. Tom is the founder and president of Snowflake LLC, a Certified B Corporation® consultancy dedicated to helping organizations that improve individuals’ and communities’ quality of life. He has over 20 years of experience advising and supporting nonprofits, businesses, and government agencies, guiding them through development and implementation of forward-thinking strategies, cost-effective organizational designs, creative approaches to people challenges, and personalized donor relationship plans. Prior to starting Snowflake, Tom spent most of his career with as a senior manager, practitioner, and subject matter expert with “Big Four” firms BearingPoint and Deloitte Consulting, leading the latter’s public sector Organization Strategies Service Offering. He has worked extensively with boards and C-level executives at over 70 clients across sectors and industries, in the U.S. and abroad, consistently delivering results that advance organizations’ missions and achieve their goals. His clients range from the local (e.g., Highland Food Pantry, Sinclair Health Clinic, and Blue Ridge Education Center) to the national and international (e.g., U.S. Department of Energy, Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, Pan American Health Organization) and he is also a recognized thought leader, presenting at major conferences, conducting seminars, and writing widely-distributed articles on a range of topics relevant to nonprofits and organizations in other sectors.

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